We chose the name Yoga Swaha in the spirit of our intention as teachers. In Tibetan language it can be translated as “so be it”, an expression of humility and respect for the wisdom of life.

Swaha is basically a tribute, offering of thanks to the devas (gods and goddesses) requesting their blessings, and empowerment, and is appropriate for anyone to use. So for a general purpose when we just wish to chant a mantra to please God we use Swaha – meaning ‘I bow to you o Lord’, with the transformation of ourselves through the practice of cultivating mindful awareness.

We joyfully bring this intention to our love of yoga in service to our students.



Testimonials from the last Teacher Training at Green School, Bali:



Beta Lisboa

Beta Lisboa, founder of Yoga Swaha Kids

ERYT-500 Certified International Yoga Teacher for Adults and Children



Beta Lisboa began her yoga journey in her early teens, and is now the founder of Beta Lisboa – Yoga and Bodywork and Yoga Swaha Kids, where she combines her vast knowledge of the physical body and movement, as well as the more spiritual aspect of yoga and meditation.

“It is my passion is the educate and raise awareness in children. I believe the future of our planet is in their hands. In giving children a chance to learn yoga, we are contributing to a more centered and healthier generation of human beings, helping to insure the well-being of our species.”

Beta has a master’s degree in Health and Wellness from Salem State College in Brazil, with BS in Physical Education. As part of her degree program, she coached kids in sports, and found her passion teaching them yoga. She is a certified practitioner of the internationally renowned institution, Yoga Kids® (USA) with certifications in Power yoga from the Soft and Hard Institute in New York. Since 1993 she has traveled the world, studying with renowned master teachers. With extensive experience teaching children in public and private schools in Brazil, and the United States, Beta is a gifted teacher with much to offer children and teachers everywhere. Now she lives in Bali teaching yoga to adults and children.

Read more about Beta:   http://betalisboa.com/about/bio/


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