Yoga for children is a fun activity that allows children to feel balanced within their body, mind and emotions, helping them enjoy a natural state of peace and harmony.

Our children are growing up in a world that is increasingly overstimulating and demanding on their lives. Children are our true gift for a peaceful future.
In the rush of everyday living, from family life, social events, the teaching of mindful presence is one of the most critcal and most often ignored. Love and understanding are basic and universal human needs. The transformation for our society and schools begins with the transformation of ourselves through the practice of cultivating mindful awareness.


Yoga has a quick effect in the well-being of children as they are gently guided. they develop more self confidence, as they are shown in a relaxed way how to find emotional well-being. Physically every system of their small bodies is nourished. The children will experience less illness, better coordination and stronger concentration, and more peaceful, playful relationships.


Testimonials from the last Teacher Training:

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